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Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services for Small & Medium Business

At Marvist, we focus on small and medium businesses by choice. We understand your unique situations, constraints and the opportunities that are available for you. Based on our experience in working for small & medium businesses and by leveraging our advanced expertise with Internet marketing and specifically with PPC campaign management, we offer our expert PPC campaign management services.
Why pay per click campaign for your small & medium business?
At this very moment, many potential customers may be searching for products/services similar to yours!

Paid search is a cost-effective and efficient way to advertise your product or service to prospective customers. The search placement service allows your business to advertise your services on the Internet to those searching for keywords related to your business and on websites related to your business.

In PPC campaigns the only time you pay is when a customer "walks in the door" by clicking on your ad. The paid placement advertising campaigns offer several benefits including geographic and industry targeting, low fixed costs, 'pay as you go' model and the campaigns are spread over a period of time. Currently, this advertising method has the lowest cost for lead generation.

Benefits of PPC advertising campaigns
The PPC advertising allows you to advertise your business when someone is using keywords in search engines to find products/services similar to ones being offered by you.

The traditional methods of advertisement are decked in favor of large and cash rich companies. PPC campaigns are unlike traditional media such as print, TV or radio advertisement, not one time and expensive advertisements. These ads are spread over time and the cost of each click is small. As a client you only pay when a potential customer visits your website.

PPC allows small and medium businesses to get quality leads with low upfront investment and allows to maintain a sustainable continuous advertising campaign to support their business. PPC campaigns can deliver quality traffic within a few days. Overall, PPC campaigns are cost effective, deliver results quickly and have a low cost per lead!

PPC campaign management services from Marvist
Our expertise is in designing and managing PPC campaigns that not only deliver high ROI to your business but are also tailored to your unique needs. We can also offer our SEO services that complements the PPC campaign

Our pay per click services involve the following

 Shortlisting relevant, targeted and cost-effective keywords
 Defining the target market or geography in the PPC campaigns
 Writing effective ads.
 Designing and writing effective landing pages.
 Consulting and research services to help define challenging but achievable marketing goals.
 Progress reporting and monitoring.
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"Marvist performed beyond my expectations. Within 2 weeks the sales have jumped up 30% and top that we are spending 5% less on PPC than previously. On almost every major parameter the campaign is performing well - orders per day, order size, items per order to name a few. They have also reduced click fraud - though the number of clicks is lower the sales performance has improved by $12,500 in this period. They know how to manage a pay per click campaign and they are professional. I would strongly recommend Marvist!"
Owner - Web Design Company
More client testimonials

  • Professional services for serious SMB companies
  • Helped 900+ websites since 2005
  • Senior consultants having experience in Internet marketing since 1998
  • Integrated team of experts in all niche areas of Internet marketing
  • Consistent track record of results
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Extensive experience across multiple industries
  • Will fit our services into your overall marketing plan

Our clients are professionally managed small and medium businesses in variety of industries located across USA. They typically are looking for sustainable growth and are innovative and passionate about their business.

We are privileged to have executed over 900 projects for SMBs in the areas of professional SEO, PPC, content & social media marketing.

Typically our clients work with us for long term. We have dozens of clients that have been continuously working with for more than 5 years.

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