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About Marvist Consulting

Marvist Consulting is an digital marketing services firm established in 2005. Marvist is based at Princeton, New Jersey and serves clients nationwide. Marvist Consulting offers digital marketing strategy consulting, search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, content marketing, copy writing, social media marketing, web design & development services to professionally run small and medium businesses.

Marvist Consulting is a niche digital marketing services firm founded by seasoned marketing professionals with a purpose of offering marketing services that make it easier and faster for businesses to sell more of their products and services to their customers and markets.

Meaning Of Marvist:

The name 'Marvist' is positive, powerful and unique. The meaning of 'Marvist' is based on two things. Firstly, it is based on the word 'marvel' that means something that causes a feeling of wonder, surprise or astonishment. In this context, the word 'Marvist' denotes a group of individuals in pursuit of excellence. Secondly, it is inspired by the Spanish word 'mar vista' meaning a view of the sea. In this context, the words signify both having a refreshing perspective, and an organization that is destined for a long journey. To summarize the definition of 'Marvist', it is an organization of individuals in pursuit of excellence who are destined to a long successful journey and who bring a refreshing perspective to the people we do business with.

Significance Of The Marvist Logo:

The Marvist logo comprises of three swooshes, the globe and the company name. The globe speaks not only of the global nature of business today, but also of the global nature of Marvist. The swooshes represent the three core themes of Marvist i.e. innovation, result-orientation and offering value to customers. The swooshes are moving synchronously to achieve a common goal.

The colors of our logo are bold like our approach to business and we are not afraid to think outside the box. The swooshes are represented in the three primary colors i.e. red, blue and green. Just as every other color is a combination of these three colors, the swooshes in the logo of Marvist signify that the company is based on sound fundamentals that will adapt to the changing needs of its clients, and deliver results.

Marvist's Management Team
Pete Dubaka
Founder, CEO & Principal Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant with experience and expertise in this area since 1998. Helped over 1,000 businesses prosper by leveraging digital marketing for their business growth and profitability. Extensive experience in marketing and business development with experience working at small, medium and Fortune 100 companies.

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Our Business Model:

The versatility of our work teams give Marvist a solid advantage in addressing the challenges of operating an international organization that combines the benefits of industry leading expertise from United States coupled with the cost advantage of having an offshore delivery center in India.

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Our clients are professionally managed small and medium businesses in variety of industries located across USA. They typically are looking for sustainable growth and are innovative and passionate about their business.

We are privileged to have executed over 1,000 projects for SMBs in the areas of professional SEO, PPC, content & social media marketing.

Typically our clients work with us for long term. We have dozens of clients that have been continuously working with for more than 5 years.

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