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Increasing return traffic to your Website

Last Updated: 01-Mar-2010

More return traffic means more sales so make sure the person visiting your site sees something they like so that they enjoy their first visit providing visitors a reason to come back.
Design a good web site:
This is a key element in getting return traffic. The web site should be easy to navigate; also provide the visitor with the information he or she wants. Browsing the web site should be a pleasant experience and the required information should be found easily within a few clicks.
An interesting way to increase return traffic is by asking people if they want to be informed about updates or by taking their feedback. You could also send out thank you notices for order purchases or conduct discussions with your visitors at your web site. Ask yourself if your web site provides complete information that a visitor needs? If your web site does not provide him with complete information then you risk losing them as they might opt for a competitor service.
Your web site must be kept up to date. If description about a new product or service is added to your web site then make sure to provide a link back to the products page. Try to check your content and see if extra pages can be added to make it more informative. Analyze every aspect of your web site. Look at your site from the point of view of the visitor and ask questions like would I buy from this site or would I return to this site? A few principles to follow:
Your website should be easy to navigate.
The visitor must be able to reach you by several ways Provide detailed information about your products and services online
Email Marketing:
This is a more active method of encouraging return traffic and can be very effective when used properly. However spamming (including mass e-mail campaigns, pop up windows and using unrelated keywords which make the site come up in searches) must be avoided completely. The use of spam blockers is increasing everyday and there are increasing chances that your email is likely to go unread.
You could ask the customer to fill out a form on whether he is interested in joining your mailing list and what information he would like to receive in the future. Visitors could also be given the company's phone number which could be another channel for obtaining information.
Writing customized responses to customer queries is among the best ways to use email. Although time consuming, this helps to build a good rapport with your customer and can benefit you.
Have a solid business foundation:
Create a business plan, marketing plan, client profile, and a site map for your web site.
Create acceptable and easy to understand policies:
The company's Customer Service, Code of Ethics and a Privacy Policy must be reassuring to the customer.
Have a good offline marketing strategy:
Use web site address on company cards and other printed material to increase awareness about your website.
Provide something to your target market:
You could offer some free software such as FTP software which would make it convenient for them to upload their files and other such value added services.
Use visitor interaction methods:
Repeat traffic can also be generated successfully by using visitor interaction methods such as Q & A knowledge bases, discussion boards, live support chat, and contests.
Setup monthly chats about related topics or install bulletin boards to build relationships and community. This will keep customers interested in your business. Inviting industry specific experts to answer customer queries in chat sessions sounds very good to visitors.
Have periodic contests and announce the winners on your site. Use this method to keep visitors hooked to your site.
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