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Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

Last Updated: 03-Sep-2013

With the increasing popularity of the Internet among present generation buyers, online presence has become essential for businesses. BIA/Kelsey reported that 97% of customers are researching about the products online before they purchase. It is very difficult to leverage the benefits of Internet without a website. So, for your business to succeed online, you need to have a good website.
Scott Levitan, Google's director of small business engagement says 60% of small businesses are invisible on Internet for various reasons such as not having a website for their business or their website not being ranked by search engines. If you are one of them, who are invisible on Internet, it is time to have a website for your business and remember to ensure that your website is visible and found by your potential customers.
Advantages of having a website for your small business:
Website offers many advantages to your small business
  • You don't get left behind – More than 85% of small businesses have websites. So, you are competitors are active online and you will be left behind.
  • Marketing is cheaper with website - Marketing your products or services through a website is inexpensive and provides higher value for your money compared to other traditional forms of marketing.
  • Increases sales - Your website acts as your salesman and is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Every visitor to your website is interested in your company's products or services and is therefore a warm lead.
  • Builds credibility –A business having a website looks more credible than the one without a website. A good website with clear contact details shows that your's is a genuine business.
  • Educate customers – According to CreditDonkey, 41.8% to 71% of small businesses are anticipating the customer needs. So, your competitors are busy educating and turning prospects into customers. So, you need to have a website, that acts as a good resource to educate the needs of prospects and make them your customers.
Facts about small businesses and websites
  • Small businesses with websites grow 40% faster than those with no website – Google
  • According to BIA/Kelsey, 86% of marketers believe that a local website is vital to enhance local customer engagement.
  • According to the article published in USA TODAY, "Whats the best way for small businesses to grow", Marilyn Caskey, owner of the San Antonio designer consignment store increased her revenue to 250% in just one week after setting up a website to her business.
  • 90% of consumers are utilizing search engines for buying online in USA– BIA/Kelsey
Hosting a website or purchasing a domain may not cost your small business much money but many business owners get a hit turned off because of the cost of a new website or the effort involved in getting a new website in place. So, don't succumb to this situation. Having a good website offers many great benefits to your business.
However, a great website is not actually great if no one visits it. So, it is not only that your business needs a good website but also it should be found easily on the Web. The specialization that deals with being found on the Internet is called "search engine optimization" or simply SEO.
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