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Expecting Good Search Engine Rankings? Learn to Respect Search Engine Principles

Last Updated: 20-Feb-2013

The proliferation of websites led to the popularity of search engines which, today, are playing an integral role in helping people find a website or make purchase and related decisions.

In order to succeed online, every business needs to rank well in search engines. But many business owners put their own priorities ahead of the search engine algorithms and try to trick search engines. This is not a smart choice and leads to sub optimal results.

You cannot trick search engines that easily
Search engines devise complex algorithms to maintain the quality of searches. It is very hard to manipulate the complex algorithms kept in place by them. Further, they keep on upgrading the algorithms to make them more efficient and to give more relevant search results to the users. Search engines release updates regularly to minimize the effect of malpractices on search engine results and to provide good user experience through better search results.

If you expect good rankings, you have to respect certain principles
No matter what your business priorities are, your goal should be to comply with search engine principles, failing which your website will be affected negatively in search results. Sometimes unethical procedures may yield instant results, but they are temporary and will badly affect your website in the long run. Many websites which followed unethical means were severely affected when search engines released their updates and many websites are struggling to recover even after months and sometimes years.

They keep on updating their algorithms and penalize the sites that use shortcut methods. Thus, for long lasting and consistent results, it is better to do optimization that is in sync with search engine principles.

Why follow search engine principles?
To sustain in today's highly competitive market, retaining customer goodwill by providing quality service is very important for search engines. They need to be user-centric and focused on delivering value to the users. It is with this approach search engines will acquire user goodwill - the main pillar for their success.

Search engines do not care if it is your website or any other website. They will not give better search rankings if the website is not providing value to the visitors. They will not spare any practices/websites that are against their quality guidelines.

Search engines maintain high standards on certain principles
Search engines typically avoid compromising their principles for the sake of revenues or succumbing to external pressures. Organic search results on many search engines are still on merit and they do not take payments to include websites in organic search results. Even in paid ad solutions (Google Adwords and Adsense, Bing Ads, Yahoo Advertising Solutions) that search engines provide, they have a set of quality guidelines like - not posting irrelevant ads in search results and not accepting flashy pop-up ads, etc., which will decrease the quality of user experience.

If search engines are doing business keeping users as primary focus, why not we? In any business, customer goodwill can be gained only by making the user happy. As search engines designed certain principles that help you to give better user experience, it's nothing wrong in following them. If you expect your website to get better search engine rankings, you should learn to respect search engine principles.

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